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Binh Loi Construction Machinery Import Export Joint Stock Company was officially established in 2005. With more than 15 years of experience tradingconstruction vehicles and machinery, is one of the leading enterprises in this side in Vietnam. 

From a small commercial enterprise specializing in trading in used construction machines, with the advantage of exporting to Middle Eastern countries such as Arab, Pakistan... We have constantly expanded its products, customer and market network. With the goal of becoming a leading enterprise in Vietnam , we are constant trying and expanding cooperation relationships with not only individual customers but also corporate customers.
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At first, Our main market was the Middle East countries (because these countries were limited in trade with countries with a large number of construction machines such as Korea, Japan, Taiwan, etc.). After that, with accumulated experience, we have expanded its activities in domestic and ASEAN markets. Binh Loi gradually affirmed its prestige in the construction machinery market.

Binh Loi's partners include not only construction units, but also many trading companies that need to trade in machinery. The number of construction machine companies looking to Binh Loi company is also increasing.

From a company specializing in import-export and direct distribution of excavators, bulldozers, rollers, cranes... from the US, Korean, and Japanese markets... In 2016, Binh Loi affirmed the trust of customers. customers and as well as partners by becoming the exclusive distributor for Simex construction machine brand in Vietnam.

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With the diversity of existing machinery, not only buying, selling, importing and exporting machinery, We also expand to leasing services of construction machines. This can help contractors and investors to reduce costs on fixed assets.

After many years of operation in the field of import and export of construction machinery and equipment,We have gained valuable experience in providing customers with good quality products at affordable prices. In order to create more and more convenient conditions for domestic and foreign customers, the Company is ready to give free advice on most types of machines, optimal usage methods, etc., and also provide delivery services. such as container packing, packing and dismantling bulky items, customs, domestic transportation, providing ship schedule according to each specific shipment..., delivery to most countries around the world.



To become the leading enterprise providing construction machinery services in Vietnam. At the same time, expand international cooperation relations with countries in the region and the world.


For the market:

Develop and maintain brand position

Providing high quality products, always satisfying, meeting the diverse needs, desires and tastes of domestic and foreign customers.

Always take customer satisfaction as the center of all activities. Working closely with partners in the spirit of trust, respect and equality for the mutual success and victory of both sides.

Always interested in the issue of survival, business development; regularly cultivate company values, brand values, customer values, ensure shareholders' interests and legitimate interests of customers.

Protect and develop brand reputation, build and constantly cultivate the unique cultural identity of the business, ensure high competitiveness, always adapt to the business environment, orient for sustainable development, Castle.

For staff:

Committed to recognizing the importance of each member, creating an environment that encourages the growth and success of each individual. Binh Loi is also a gathering place for excellent members thanks to the reputation that has been built for nearly a decade.

For society:

With the spirit of corporate development accompanying social development, the Company always actively contributes to community-oriented activities, shows a sense of responsibility to the country and considers it a good cultural tradition. Beauty of the Company.

Core values

The best quality

Perfect and professional service

Trusted partner

Ideal working environment

Social value

Sustainable Development

Strategic direction

In 2015 became a reputable company with wide influence in the North.

In 2020, becoming a company with wide partners all over the world.

Growth goals

Become one of the companies dealing in construction vehicles - construction machinery with national and regional standards

Committed to protecting brand reputation and long-term business on the basis of respecting social regulations and laws.

Actively contribute to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.

Always try to ensure the best interests for customers and partners.

Always provide products and services with high quality and reputation, meeting prescribed standards.

Expanding the network of business activities nationwide, developing business in regional and international markets


With a solid foundation of prestige as well as a wide distribution of customers accumulated and built up over many years. Binh Loi Co., Ltd. has been asserting its position as the market leader in construction machines for many years. In fact, the company always occupies a large market and dominates new and old machine lines for this market segment. Accordingly, the number of machines supplied each year through the company's constantly growing system.

This success of a private enterprise has brought great benefits to consumers, and also contributed to making the competition in the market consistent with the market mechanism where people
Consumption is becoming more and more central. This can be explained most fully, when "Prospering with you" for many years has been chosen as the company's slogan and business motto in providing, caring and bringing the best values. for users of products and services of Binh Loi Limited.

On key traffic works, as well as factories, mining sites, machines such as SAKAI and HALLA vibrating rollers; wheel loader KAWASAKI, KOMATSU; excavators HITACHI, KOBELCO, KOMATSU; Bulldozers; forklift etc. Binh Loi Co., Ltd. has become a familiar choice of large and small partners for many years, stretching from North to South at home and abroad. The reason for gaining that trust and love is because the company is constantly exploring and promptly responding to the increasingly strict requirements of the market.

Accompanying SIMEX as its sole distributor in the Vietnamese market, we have been committed to bringing to the Vietnamese market constantly improved products, with very stable quality, according to standards. global standard.

You can easily own our products with reasonable cost, convenient equipment for operation and easy maintenance. Our global standard equipment is built on the technology foundation of selected world leading partners.

Our sales system is always ready to respond immediately to customer requirements. You can easily access our system in your locality or work.

We always sell with the motto of constantly bringing value to not only the owners of the company; Besides this priority, it must bring prosperity and happiness to the members of the company and benefits to customers and society.



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